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“Words fail to convey the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced.” – BKS Iyengar

It would be fair to say that Andre-Louis was skeptical going to his first yoga class. ‘It’s only stretching’ was the general misconception and overall impression he had. His first experience was humbling to say the least.

Yoga has since become an integral part of Andre-Louis’ everyday life. Coming from a testosterone driven, alpha male background in rugby, with representation on both provincial and national level, yoga opened up a new world.

From a young age Andre-Louis has had a fascination with eastern culture and tradition, as well as a healthy interest in the ethereal and spiritual realms.

Yoga has delivered a union of all these elements, bringing together mind, body and soul. It is a system that grows you as a person, forces you to look internally and do some self investigation. If you stick with it, if you commit your time to that mat regularly, the results are invaluable and inevitable. It gives you a sense of self that is independant of socio economic standing, race, creed, religion, or any type of orientation. It truly is a tool to know yourself and bring people together. Oh, and don’t forget it’s one hell of a workout!

Andre-Louis teaches from a place of truth. Sharing the love he has and shining the light that fills him. Expect a class uniquely tailored to the type of yoga done, with a healthy dose of laughter, engaging tunes and a smile to suit.  Andre-Louis aims to challenge each student on both a physical and mental level, urging you to show compassion on yourself and others, while striving to fulfil your potential in each and every moment.

Be present and shine!

See you on the mat.



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