Feeling a little sluggish in the mornings, and finding it difficult to get to your favorite morning yoga class?  Is your skin a little drier and hair more brittle than usual?

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, it is not uncommon to also notice changes in your moods, energy levels, sleeping and eating habits, and even some of your social behaviors.  While the onset of winter might cause varying degrees of changes in your body, minimize the affect of the “winter blues” or “cabin fever” by trying these few simple tips:

yoga light

1. Make your house light and bright.  Raise your curtains and blinds up so daylight can freely enter your home.  Sit by a window at your office, or add an extra desk lamp by your computer.

2. Try to spend at least 30 minutes outdoors each day.  If your schedule is packed, squeeze in a quick walk during your lunch hour, or park a few blocks away from your office…every little bit counts!

Mozam 2013 poster

3. Create a regular exercise and sleep regime, and stick to it!  Oversleeping can make you feel more sluggish and depressed, so make an extra effort to get to those morning classes…especially when you least want to.

4. If your circumstances allow, take a mid-winter vacation to somewhere sunny.  Getting away, even for just a weekend, alleviates daily stresses, fatigue, and works wonders on your mental and physical health.  Have you heard about our retreat to Mozambique yet?  There are still a few spots left and time is running out!  Join Marley for an all-inclusive vacation on the sunny sands of Inhambane in July.  Email kristi@yogalife.co.za for more details.

5. Forgo the sugar and carb cravings, which often accompany Seasonal Affect Disorders, and eat balanced meals that are high in complex carbs and protein with a lot of vegetables, fruits and grains.

vinyasa and vinyl 2

To help kick the winter blues to the curb and start (or end) your week with some inspiring flows and hot yoga beats, join us for YogaLife’s second edition of Vinyasa & Vinyl this Sunday, June 23 at 9:30am.  Fitz the cat will be mixing music live while Dave, Marley and Maya co-teach a 90 minute flow.  Price is R90 or part of your regular package and pre-booking is required, so reserve your place today with kristi@yogalife.co.za. 

Until then, stay light, stay healthy and you’ll be happy all season long…