Lauren set out on her yoga journey with the mission to integrate spirituality, psychology, social activism and yoga. An ethnic blend herself – her mother from a Mexican American family, and her father from Czech-American roots – the union of these disciplines are literally in her blood. Lauren completed her first Power Yoga and Hot Yoga teacher training in 2003 at Corepower Yoga in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado. Shortly thereafter, Lauren graduated with a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University where she studied unconditional presence as an approach to counseling, gained an appreciation for the human condition and learned a variety of meditation practices. Lauren has led and assisted several Hot Yoga and Power Yoga teacher trainings and has brought yoga to substance abuse treatment facilities, eating disorder clinics, homes for chronically ill children and early childhood development centers. In a conventional setting, Lauren’s classes can be described as slow at first, steady and challenging. Relying mostly on her intuition as her guide, Lauren’s classes include a mix of mindfulness, self-reflection and an energetically strong, stay-in-your-body (where all healing happens) asana practice. At Yoga Life, you’ll spot Lauren on the schedule teaching Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Sculpt – when her inner-cheerleader comes out! Lauren is a sucker for neuroscience and is most inspired by her family and adorable cat, the children and families she sees in her NGO work, nature and of course, Mexican food and chocolate!

Lauren believes everyone deserves access to the healing practices that awaken our inner capacity to heal. In 2011 before moving to South Africa, Lauren founded Lionhearted Kids, a nonprofit organization that promotes the healing of children and families experiencing trauma from underserved South African communities. Lionhearted Kids offers therapies using play, music, yoga, art and massage to children, families and anyone who cares for them. To learn more about Lionhearted Kids, click here.