So what exactly is the deal with the Full Moon?  Are there any truths to the age old stories about vampires, werewolves, and hospitals overflowing on a Full Moon?  And what’s the deal with practicing yoga during a Full Moon?

Well, astrologically speaking, every 29.5 days the Moon comes into longitudinal opposition to the Sun (with the Earth in the middle), thus the Moon appears completely illuminated as seen from the Earth…hence the term Full Moon.

Biologically speaking, many people believe that we are also affected by lunar cycles – just as human and animal behaviors are subject to circadian rhythms and seasonal changes – causing more aggressive or “luny” behaviors.  While the biological effects of the lunar cycle on humans can be debated, the full moon is of great cultural and religious significance in many ancient and traditional belief systems around the world.

full moon poster july 2013

In a yogic tradition, the moon is considered to be a great source of wisdom and represents our intuition, emotions, creativity and sensitivity.  Bringing closure, change, rebirth and manifestation, the full moon is a time where we can reflect on things that no longer serve us and nourish the physical, energetic and emotional movement to a new start.  Corresponding to the element of water, the full moon invites us to flow calmly and smoothly into new and inspired beginnings.  Some suggested Full Moon night practices include journaling, meditating, dancing and exploring all forms of artistic media (drawing, painting, working with clay, etc.).

So whether you’re looking to harness some creative energy for a new project at work, seeking to tap into your inner vampire, or just hoping for a groovy flow in the twilight, please join us tonight in celebration for our Full Moon Flow.  This 90-minute inspired flow will take you back to the musical tunes of the 1980’s and leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and full of creative light for the new month ahead. Come adorned in your most colorful yoga at 7:30pm tonight!

Date: Monday, July 22nd

Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Cost: R100

Info: Email