She has been teaching yoga for the past two and a half years and continues to study and learn every day. She believes yoga is an evolution and that no matter where you are in your practice, you can always discover a new depth if you move from a place of Truth “Satya”.

Yoga came in to her world a little over four years ago when she first started taking Bikram and Vinyasa classes in Miami Beach. After a consistent and daily practice, she wanted to broaden her horizons and was introduced to The Barkan Method.

She has been practicing a variety of Hot and Vinyasa Yoga ever since and completed the Level I and Level II teacher trainings with Jimmy Barkan. Yoga has taught her to embrace a lighter and more playful spirit and she enjoys pairing interesting sequences to eclectic and diverse music. She loves both the physical and spiritual aspect and the daily inspiration Yoga has had on her life.

Yoga is her passion and she considers it a blessing to share this gift that yoga is with others. Yoga has brought her inner peace and balance in her life and she loves being able to inspire others to experience the same.


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