Happy Spring Cape Town!  Now that we are officially past the Spring Equinox (which occurred last week on September 22), summer is only around the corner.  So say hello to the new season with the spring clean that you really need.  While cleaning out your cupboards and switching your wardrobes may be second nature for you by now, try a different approach this year with a different kind of spring cleaning – one for your mind and body.

While a mental or physical detox, cleanse or purification can be done anytime of year, there is something invigorating about Spring that promises renewal, growth and new beginnings for the year ahead.  Whether you’d like to try a lighter diet, rid yourself of bad winter habits, or let go of something that has been emotionally draining you, now it the perfect time to start making goals and forming new healthy habits for the season ahead.  Here are a few tips to help get that spring back into your step and enjoy this year’s spring equinox with a detox of your very own.

1. Spring Clean: As the old saying goes, “messy bed, messy head.”  Take some time to scrub down your living space, rearrange your furniture, buy some new plants, or swap out your winter wardrobe with summer threads.  Rearranging and revitalizing the space around you can help decrease stress levels, and make you more organised!

Bodhi Khaya JPG Retreat_18_09_2013 copy

2. Eliminate: Stop drinking that extra cup of coffee at the end of the day, or cut out the sweets after meals.  Eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol and other bad habits from your diet will leave you feeling lighter and more energised.  If you want to take your cleanse to the next level, read up on juicing or other detox diets.

3. Yoga & Meditation: Soul food for the mind and body…but we don’t need to remind you!  Keep your yoga practice consistent and take time for reflection and mindful awareness.  If you need a change, take a quiet walk in the evening or along the water to clear your head.

4. Retreat: Step back from the everyday craziness of work, meetings, carpools, emails, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Whatever your daily admin entails, it is important to give yourself a break!  Take a weekend away with your partner, friends, or enjoy a stay-cation at home with your phone, computers and TV turned off all weekend.

Okay…it might not be as easy as it sounds.  If you’re having trouble tuning out and giving yourself time to relax, join us on a yoga retreat to Bodhi Khaya this October!  Nestled in the hills of Stanford (about 2 hours drive from Cape Town), this beautiful retreat centre will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.  Contact maya@yogalife.co.za for more information to connect with nature and kindred spirits this Spring!