Vanya’s first experience of yoga was in an Iyengar class with her mother at the tender Age of 6. Since then she has spent most of her free time in studios, doing ballet, contemporary dance and gymnastics. It was her career in dance that led her to her first bikram class with Jessika Munnell eight years ago, and has never looked back! After years of experience in choreography and directing dance performances, Vanya has a deep understanding of how movement flows which has brought fluidity to her yoga teachings.

Her personal journey began through a love for dance and it was this that created a keen body awareness in her from a young age. Vanya has a love for animals and nature and her life choices are based on metaphysical healing.
Her style draws from a fusion of dance and yoga techniques which have led her to create a stronger, more core based practice and teaching method. Vanya finished her first teacher training with Africa Yoga in 2009 ,Ashtanga Vinyasa, and delved into 2nd series with Shimon Ben Avi in 2010. She has a consistent practice and is open to all styles of yoga. She is also a certified kinesiologist and an animal communicator.

Coming to your mat encourages you to connect to with the essence of your inner creativeness in order to become more compassionate with yourself without judgement or comparison. Every body shines in their own special way and yoga enhances this. “practice, practice and all is coming” – Pattabhi Jois


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