To all of our 30 Day Challenge Yogis, the end is nigh…only one more week to go!  Keep up the good work, and be sure to take good care of your body as you approach the finish line.  See our top three tips to finishing strong:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Being in a hot room (or sweating) daily can deplete your body of electrolytes.  Make an effort to drink 2-3 litres of water each day, and supplement your water with re-hydration salts or coconut water.

king island coco

And you’re just in luck – we are now offering King Island Coconut Water at the studio for only R20…be sure to grab one on the way out of your next hot class!

2. Nourish your body.  Staying hydrated is only half the battle.  Your body and brain also need a variety of nutrients to keep you going long and strong. Try to include a variety of nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, complex carbs and proteins into your daily meals, and skip on the white sugars. Working in a full 8 hours of sleep each night can also move you from feeling miserable to magnificent during those tough classes.  In a nutshell, listen to your body and take care of yourself by eating and sleeping well.

3. Reward yourself!  Whether you have woken up earlier than usual, or missed out on a few dinner dates, you have found a way to make yoga a daily part of your life.  So acknowledge your discipline and hard work!  Go ahead and buy yourself that new yoga top you’ve been eyeing all month, or treat yourself to a relaxing massage.  Do something that makes you feel special, so that setting goals become a routine, and exciting part of your life.

wine and cupcakes

To help kick start your own celebration, join us for our 30 Day Challenge Party on Friday, May 31st.  Starting at 6:30pm, all are welcome to the studio to enjoy snacks, drinks, prizes, and some time to get to know those who have sweated through 30 days of yoga alongside of you.  Haven’t been a part of the 30 day challenge?  No problem!  Bring a partner or friend, relax and enjoy the wonderful Cape Town yoga community.  Because at the end of the day, building a community is what we’re all about.